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New Gallery of ''AMoC Museum Foundation''

project - ARTA Center, Podgorica, MNE 

The project is inspired by the exhibition:

Silence of Future Childhood  

Curated by Olga Lystsova

Nikola Marković - sculptures & art objects

18.05.2022 - 30.01. 2023 


''Do We Laugh, when Aroused ?''

  Curated by dr Nikola Marković

  Susanne Starke Prapatti - sculptures 

  14.04.2022 - 10.05. 2022 

'Flat Theatre for an Uneven Revolution''

 Curated by Freyja Eilif

 Omar Stefansson - sculptures & paintings

 12  March 2022  to 10 April 2022 


Nikola Marković, (Kotor, Montenegro,1972.) is a artist currently living and working in Berlin and Podgorica. The artist began developing his own style and working with national and international galleries from 1992. Nikola is inspired by all childhood phenomenas and simbols and he is known for his unique drawings dedicated to the early human experiances of prenatal aesthetic.. 
He likes to explore specialy papers, organic and natural materials, miniature formats and unique drawing techniques, using antique peaces as a rady mades, acrylic paints, as well as through assamblage and collages. With his unique artistic work he leads us through experiance of prenatal aestehetics and childhood memories to the gate of short history of toys future. Inspired by world of childhood Nikola ultimately seeks to evoke our earlyest joy, energy and a love of our childhood expiriences through his drawings, paintings, objects and sculptures..(ForA, 2021)

«When I create a drawing as an artwork, my mind is in another dimension, discovering something unique and incredible that exists hidden in the skin of the paper on which I draw and it was never seen before...» (N. Markovic, 1994)

Nikola’s work has been exhibited, on numerous occasions, in Montenegro and abroad (France, Russia, Azerbaian, Romania, USA, Greece, Austria, and Germany).


Susanne Starke - Prapatti

Studium in Bremen
(Kunstwissenschaft und Französisch)

Ausbildung zur Holzbildhauerin in Berchtesgaden

Studium an der Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden bei Prof. Martin Honert

2003 Studium an der École Des Beaux Arts in Paris bei Prof. Guiseppe Penone

Mitgründerin des "7.Stock", Plattform für Künstler und Kulturschaffende, Dresden

2004 Diplom, Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden

Mitgründerin der Produzentengalerie DISKUS, Berlin

seit 2005 selbstständig als freie Künstlerin/Bildhauerin

2008 Dozentin an der Sommerakademie Dresden


2005 DAAD Jahresstipendium USA, San Diego
2001 Skulpturenwettbewerb. Turm, Winkelmannstrasse, Dresden


Oberwelt, Stuttgart, G

Rathausgalerie, Winnenden, S

GEGENWARTSDYNAMIKEN, Gedokgalerie, Berlin, G

2013 DIE SUCHE NACH DER SICHT II, Artothek, München, G

2012 DIE SUCHE NACH DER SICHT, Kunstverein Tiergarten, Berlin, G

2011 PICKNICK AM WEGESRAND, Galerie Parrotta, Stuttgart, G

2010 CAFE ENDLAGER, Eberhardtstrasse, Stuttgart, G

2009 TIERPERSPEKTIVEN, Georg-Kolbe-Museum

2008 GELÄCHTER, Galerie Birgit Ostermeier, Berlin, S

EAUX D´ARTIFICE, EinszuEins Rügen, Skulpturensommer, G

2007 GARTEN DER LÜSTE, Galerie Birgit Ostermeier, Berlin, S

2006 SHAKING SMOOTH SPACES, La Générale, Paris, G

FREMDE-ETRANGER, La Maison Rouge, Paris, G

FULL HOUSE - Gesichter einer Sammlung, Kunsthalle Mannheim, G

FRAU MIT MANTEL, Galerie Diskus, Berlin, S

2005 QUE TRAES, Estación Tijuana, Mexiko, G

OUTER SPACE, Marcuse Gallery, San Diego, G

OPEN, Galerie Diskus, Berlin, G

2004 SKULPTUR, Galerie Eigen+Art, Leipzig, G


Ómar Stefánsson is considered one of Iceland's foremost painters and is notorious for his controversial performance work, created in collaboration with the infamous art brut groups Bruni BB and Inferno 5. 
He has exhibited his work alongside artists such as Cy Twombly, Joseph Beuys at the Gallery Händschin in Basel, Sviss. The National Icelandic Art Museum and The Reykjavík Art Museum have bought his work as well as the Technical Academy of Iceland, private collectors and companies. He also created an on site work for the train station in Basel, Switzerland with artists Dieter Roth, Dominik Steiger and André Thomkins.

Ómar Stefánsson was born in 1960 and graduated in 1981 from the Experimental Art Department in Reykjavík, Iceland. He traveled with Hermann Nitsch around Europe during his studies, as a participant in Nitsch’s performances. Ómar Stefánsson also studied painting in Berlin with Professor Klaus Fussman at the Hochschule der Künste, from where he graduated as a Meisterschuler in 1987.



Nikola Marković

- sculptures & art objects -

18.05.2022 - 30.01. 2023 


Susanne Starke Prapatti

- sculptures- 

  14.04.2022 - 10.05. 2022


    Omar Stefansson 

- sculptures & paintings-

 12. 03. 2022  10. 04. 2022 


Anna Nezhnaya 

- light objects- 
11.12.2021 - 21.02.2022  


Mijo Mijušković

- Sculptures-

16.09.2021 - 11.12.2021


  ''The Artist and Modern Life''

  09.09.2020 - 27.10.2020 

Curated by

Diana Hohenthal und Bergen

  Participating artists:

- Haralampi G. Oroschakoff

- Donald Baechler

- Devon Dikeou

- Georg Dokoupil

- Reinar Foreman

- Martin Kippenberger

- Isabella Lobkowicz

- Baldassarre Mario

- Nikola Marković

- Darko Mladenović

- Rudi Molacek

- Dodi Reifenberg

- Antonio Riello

- Maria Serebriakova

- Dragoslav Šćepanović

- Michel Wurthle

- Asis Ybarra

- Mijo Mijušković


The inaugural exhibition was refers to Charles Baudelaire’s essay ’’Le Peintre de la vie moderne’’ and was dedicated to international artistic personalities who combine diversity with beauty.
Inspired by Charles Baudelaire essay on the fleetingness of time and physical permanence, which reflects on issues of transience and perduration, we must ask ourselves if beauty truly is ephemeral and whether we may try and contribute to a deeper understanding of this forever relevant topic. This is especially true when it comes to the world of art, and its role in the currents of both the life today and
that of a future contemporaneity.
The exhibition examines whether the art of a neo-ecological posthumanism could arise and be perpetuated by transforming the ongoing process of disappearance of humanity. Is it the transformative aspect of art what carries us through the beauty of life,  metamorphoses, its symbols and our overall permanence in it?
The presented works bring together elements of different viewpoints related to the artistic reflection on the perpetuation of humankind in relation to contemporary life trends.

‘’Modernity, that is the ephemeral, the fleeting, the contingent, half of art, the other half of which is the eternal and immovable.’’ Charles Baudelaire.

ForA forum online

opening time:


''Down the Rabbit Hole'' 

- Anna Nezhnaya - art objects and Paintings

11.12.2021 - 21.02.2022  


Anna Nezhnaya (Moscow, 1987) lives and works in Berlin since 2016. With her background as a trained graphical artist from the Moscow State University for Printing Arts and Graphics, Anna explores traditional images in contemporary settings. For Anna, digital drawing is the perfect connection for classical painting to light art, serving as studies for her neon sculptures. Light plays a major role in her works as she is painting light objects in dark architectural spaces. Furthermore Anna Nezhnaya is developing experimental ways to creates surface structure with new painting techniques. Artist reflects on topic of grotesque feminism, exploring images of femaleness in terms of mysticism and metaphor.
...Anna Nezhnaya explores remaining sacral spaces in contemporary life, diverse spiritual traditions in the West and their transformations during recent decades. Her main area of interest is space in a non-didactic sense. Her work oscillates between objectivity and abstraction (manual as digital) and explores identity in the post Internet age and the slippery divide between reality and virtual reality, in paintings, light objects, drawings...

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