XS - Silence of Eternity


- Mijo Mijušković - wood & stone

The exhibition is open and visits are by appointment

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Untitled Toys

- Nikola Marković - sculptures & art objects



''The Artist and modern Life''


  09.09.2020 - 27.10.2020  

  Participating artists:

- Haralampi G. Oroschakoff

- Donald Baechler

- Devon Dikeou

- Georg Dokoupil

- Reinar Foreman

- Martin Kippenberger

- Isabella Lobkowicz

- Baldassarre Mario

- Nikola Marković

- Darko Mladenović

- Rudi Molacek

- Dodi Reifenberg

- Antonio Riello

- Maria Serebriakova

- Dragoslav Šćepanović

- Michel Wurthle

- Asis Ybarra

- Mijo Mijušković


The inaugural exhibition was refers to Charles Baudelaire’s essay ’’Le Peintre de la vie moderne’’ and was dedicated to international artistic personalities who combine diversity with beauty.
Inspired by Charles Baudelaire essay on the fleetingness of time and physical permanence, which reflects on issues of transience and perduration, we must ask ourselves if beauty truly is ephemeral and whether we may try and contribute to a deeper understanding of this forever relevant topic. This is especially true when it comes to the world of art, and its role in the currents of both the life today and
that of a future contemporaneity.
The exhibition examines whether the art of a neo-ecological posthumanism could arise and be perpetuated by transforming the ongoing process of disappearance of humanity. Is it the transformative aspect of art what carries us through the beauty of life,  metamorphoses, its symbols and our overall permanence in it?
The presented works bring together elements of different viewpoints related to the artistic reflection on the perpetuation of humankind in relation to contemporary life trends.

‘’Modernity, that is the ephemeral, the fleeting, the contingent, half of art, the other half of which is the eternal and immovable.’’ Charles Baudelaire.

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