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plastic bags and Scotch tape
89x69 cm

1960 Haifa / Israel, lives and works since 1988 in Berlin


Dodi Reifenberg’s images are made of overlaid plastic bag snippets that generate a relief-like depth that is atypical for flat imagery. He developed a technique that perfectly appropriates the polyethylene material he uses. Color and tone are not personal inventions; it rather emerges from parallel processes of collecting, recycling and composing fragments of commercial plastic bags. All visual elements of these pictures already existed as disposals of a global marketing industry until they got visually re-coded into metaphorical information about us and our time.

That makes Reifenberg’s “snip images” not only different from classical paintings, but also from the technique of the collage. While the technique of a collage shapes a new eclectic whole through the assemblage of individual elements, Reifenberg chooses and forms each colored plastic snippet according to a photographic or intellectual image. The result is a new medium—literally—a plastic image with proper aesthetic qualities. (Timo Kaabi-Linke)



2020   Untitleds, Überleben im Müll, Willi Brandt Haus, Berlin g

2020   Displaced, Great Synagogue of Rome, g/k

2020   Family Business, Centrum Judaicum, Berlin, g/k

2019   Green Bag – Movement, Nachahmung Empfohlen!,Erfurt, g/k

2018   Garbage Matters, Lachenmann, Frankfurt

2018   Green Bag – Movement, Nachahmung Empfohlen!, Bonn, g/k

2017   Green Bag – Movement, Nachahmung Empfohlen!, Parque Cultural de Valparaiso, Chile, g/k

2017   We All Love Art, Schlachthaus, Berlin, g

2016   Green Bag – Movement, Nachahmung Empfohlen!, Mecklenburg-West, g/k

2016   Green Bag – Movement, Nachahmung Empfohlen!, Rauchmuseum, Freudenberg/Main g/k

2016   Remains to be seen, One one for tor, Berlin

2015   Green Bag – Movement, Nachahmung Empfohlen!, Museo Metropolitano,Lima, Peru g/k

2015   Untitleds, Pavok, Berlin

2014   Untitled, Musrara, Jerusalem, g

2014   Green Bag – Movement, Nachahmung Empfohlen!, Stiftung Zollverein, Essen g/k

2014   Natura Naturata, WiE gallery, Berlin, g

2014   Conjunction, Greenhous, Berlin, g

2013   Green Bag – Movement, Nachahmung Empfohlen!, Capilla del Arte UDLAP, Puebla,    Mexico,g/k

2013   Untitled Fruits, Marc Schmidt, Berlin 

2013   Green Bag – Movement, Nachahmung Empfohlen!, Marta Traba, Sao Paulo, g/k

2013   Green Bag – Pool, MUDAC, Lausanne, g

2012   Memory of Present, coup de des, Berlin, g  

2012   Green Bag – Movement, Nachahmung Empfohlen!, Iberia Center, Peking, g/k

2012   Green Bag – Movement, Nachahmung Empfohlen!, Addis Abeba, Athiopien, g/k

2012   Green Bag – Pool, Oh Plastic Bag, Gewerbemuseum Winterthur, g

2012   Green Bag – Movement, Nachahmung Empfohlen!, Mumbai, Indien, g/k

2011   Cavemanread, project eXodus, Kulturzentrum, Krefeld, g  

2011   Green City, gallery Christian Hosp, g

2011   Art Dubai, gallery Christian Hosp, g

2011   Green Bag – Movement, Nachahmung Empfohlen!, Virginia Haus, Hamburg, g/k

2011   Green Bag – Movement, Nachahmung Empfohlen!, Schwankhalle, Bremen, g/k

2011   Green Bag – Movement, Nachahmung Empfohlen!, Neuer Kunstverein Pfaffenhofen, g/k

2011   Green Bag – Movement, Nachahmung Empfohlen!, Umweltbundesamt + Bauhaus Dessau, g/k

2011   India Art Summit, gallery Christian Hosp, g

2011   Green Bag – Movement, Nachahmung Empfohlen!, Westwendischer Kunstverein Wendland, g/k

2010   Untitled 12.10, Drao Art, CCCB, Barcelona g/k

2010   Shanghai Art fair, gallery Christian Hosp Berlin, Shanghai g

2010   Green Bag – Movement, Nachahmung Empfohlen!, Berlin g/k

2010   Preparing the Canvas, Lodz biennale 2010, Lodz g/k

2010   ResteRechte, gallery Hohenthal & Bergen, Berlin

2009   Connect Gallery, Will, Swiss g

2009   Caveman’s Philosophy, Karlsruhe Art fair, Gallery Hohenthal & Bergen, Katlsruhe

2009   See How You Feel, Maddox Arts, London, k

2008   Summer Show, Maddox Art, London g

2007   Bag Academy, mack B projects, Sarasota, Florida

2007   Bag Base, Hohenthal and Bergen, Berlin

2007   Rag-Bag, art goes Heiligendamm, Rostock g

2007    Schwebende Stelen, Werkstat der Kulturen, Berlin (mit Mechthild Rausch) k

2006    Zzsamen, Freudenhaus Laufhaus Hase, Berlin (mit Zohar Kaniel)

2006    Bags of Bags, Moving in, Berlin

2006    Question of Balance, Atelierhaus Karpathos, Greece

2005    Please keep cool, Etatdesprit, Lyon

2005    Paradise Now or Tomorrow, Teatro Marceool, Roma g

2005    Schwebende Stelen, Galerie Mathias Kampl, Berlin (mit Mechthild Rausch) k

2004    Recycling Modern Art, Nathan Bernstein, New York

2004    Israelischer Wald, Bananapark, Landau

2004    Recycling Modern Art, GDK, Berlin

2003    Das Recht des Bildes, Bochum Museum, Bochum g/k/

2003    Toraporte,  Sinajoes Roma, Rom g

2002    Holy Night, Noisy Night, Podewil, Berlin (Flori)

2002    Flowers for Flori, Halle LinX, Berlin

2001    Thousand Bags Symphony, Cork, Irland g/(Flori)

2001    XXI Rougie & Ple, Paris g/(Flori)

2000    Bunter Bund, Kunstaktion zum Jubiläum der deutschen Wiedervereinigung am 3.     Oktober 2000 zwischen Reichstag und Bellevue, und Abschlussevent im Haus der   Kulturen der Welt (Flori)

2000    Flower Tears, Landwork, Artists Museum Lodz, Polan g

2000    Millefleurs, Picture Show Gallery, Berlin g/k

2000    Insulapeninsula, Italienisches Kulturinstitut, Berlin (Flori)

1999    Reifies line, Galerie Siret, Palais Royal, Paris (Flori)

1999    Respekt, Kulturbrauerei, Berlin g/

1999    Weihnachtsbaum, BSR Goes Art, Berlin (Flori)

1999    Lokal – Lo Kal, Centre Cultural Francais, Haifa, Israel (Flori)

1999    La Fiesta del Pueblo, Restaurant Bar-Celona, Berlin (Flori)

1999    Der Apfel Baum, Brandenburgische Kulturtagen, Drewen

1999    Modern Love, Brandenburgische Kulturtagen, Drewen (Flori)

1998    Installation at A Tuckerman, Berlin

1998    Stern der Erlösung, Davka, Berlin-Mitte, a tribute to the philosopher Franz

 Rosenzweig author of the Star of Salvation g/k/

1998    At least in the Sky, Festival Oy-Way-Woy, Podewil, Berlin g/(Flori)

1998    A Cave with a View, Gartner’s room, Berlin (Flori)

1997    Art event to remember CrystalNight November 9th, 1938, Berlin (Flori)

1997    Abwuste,  Umweltbundesamt, Berlin k/

1997    Die Reiserie, Central Station, Stuttgart, (commissioned by Deutsche Bahn AG) (Flori)

1995    Oikos & Eigenbau, Berlin Mitte g/k/

1995    Sally Can Dance, SMart Art Space, Amsterdam

1994    Sex & Vier, Schwules Museum, Berlin

1993    Rebel, Herzelia Museum, Tel-Aviv k/

1993    Cabinet d’ami, Ruimte Morgen, Antwerpen g/

1992    7, Jüdische Museum, Jüdisches Museum Berlin g/

1992    Rabitrabi, Kunstuck Galerie, Hamburg

1991    Hügel des Frühlings, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich g/k/

1991    Heimat Stunde, Italienisches Kultur Zentrum, Berlin

1988    For Goliath, Galerie Klaus Lea, Munich

1987    Works, Galerie Stahl, Starnbergersee, Munich

1987    Diagolo, Bolognia g/k/

1986    Paintings, Galerie Krochmalkit, Munich

1986    Der Schloss with Ro Reinstadt, Schloss Gauting, Munich



k/= Catalogue

(Flori)=mit Florian Mutschler Reifenberg


Photo credit: Author

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