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Statement: The ongoing piece “Suck” consists of ten bouquets of hand made fancy straws and is meant to be shown in an atmosphere of convivial exchange in which art is viewed such as Art Fairs. The bouquets are arranged in the bar/lounge/cafe area as one might find flowers or candles used as decorative accents creating ambiance. As a courtesy or infiltration, throughout the duration of the event, the bartenders/wait persons adorn each libation with a decorative straw—whether the drink would normally call for such condiment (margarita), or not (espresso). In this way, each potential viewer is given the possibility of recognizing the straw donation, as the object that it is, as art, gift, or trash and hoarding. By addressing the boundaries with which drink decorum is associated, much less the art viewing process, the piece aims at redefining the relationship public display and performance, ownership and collecting and trash. This attitude is further reiterated by the conscious or unconscious realization of the piece as art or utilitarian fancy, in which case decisions of worth take on completely opposite meanings. By recognizing the piece as art, the question of preservation becomes apparent while also ridiculous. While by recognizing the utilitarian aspect destroys the very existence of its art intent. This rift between preservation and utility is the crux of the piece, as slowly the bouquets themselves are depleted (used) and through the literal destruction of the bouquets the piece in its entirety, lives. And rather than letting the piece simply die what would seem a rather natural way, a second set of straws has been made, and is exhibited in a booth of one of the participating dealers. So in the end, there is a visual reminder that the bouquets are a piece, as the casual viewer to the fair sitting for a drink, has the potential to cite from memory, the very thing recently encountered. Lastly, the title, “Suck” refers to both the literal function of a straw, an objective opinion in the slang negative, and the sexual innuendo of those reclaiming everything to the libido.

1963 Denver / USA, lives and works in Denver and New York

Artist, editor / publisher, collector
Devon Dikeou´s work measures the physical, conceptual and emotional distances, intersections and moments of exchange between the various objects and subjects in he art world, including art objects, artists, collectors, dealers, critics and curators. She has also occupied many of these roles in various parts of her practice. (Risa Puleo)






1988 School of Visual Arts New York City, MFA
1986 Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, BA with Honors

2020 The Colorado Building and Dikeou Pop-Up: Colfax: Denver, Colorado; “Mid-Career Smear,” retrospective exhibition 
curated by Cortney Lane Stell
2018 James Fuentes Gallery: New York City; “Here is New York (E.B. White)”
FUTURA: Prague; “Tricia Nixon: Summer of 1973,” Black Cube Nomadic Museum Residency
2017 James Fuentes Gallery: New York City; “Pray for Me” – Pope Francis I
2015 Outcasts Incorporated: Paris, France; “Please”
2014 Nada Art Fair: Miami, Florida; “Between the Acts (Virginia Wool)f”
Nada Art Fair: New York City; “Pray for Me”
2013 Nada Art Fair: Miami, Florida; “Pay What You Wish, But You Must Pay Something”
The Contemporary: Austin, Texas; “Please,” curated for Artpace by Heather Pesanti and coordinated for The 
Contemporary by Rachel Adams
Nada Art Fair: New York City; “The Hostess’s Treasure Chest”
The Armory Show: New York City; “Always the Bridesmaid, Never the Bride”
2012 Nada Art Fair: Miami, Florida; “Not Quite Mrs De Menil’s Liquor Closet”
2011 Nada Art Fair: Miami, Florida; “Rauschenberg Re-inscribed”
University of Denver at Dikeou Collection: Denver, Colorado; Reserved for
Leo Castelli and Reserved for Ileana 
Artpace Residency 11.1: San Antonio, Texas, curated by Heather Pesanti
(CD 8)
2010 Domy Books: Austin, Texas; “You Can Observe a Lot by Watching”
Nada Art Fair: Miami, Florida; Reserved for Ileana Sonnabend:
“Buddha or Machiavelli”
179 Canal: New York City; “It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again”
 The Independent: New York City; Reserved for Leo Castelli: “Since Cezanne: (After Clive Bell)”
2009 Moore Galleries, Moore College of Art: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Marilyn Monroe Wanted to Be Buried in Pucci
2008 artMovingProjects: New York City; The Niney Chronicles
2004 espacio SIN Título, de Cano: Madrid, Spain; “It's Miller Time”
2003 MAMCO: Genève, Switzerland, in collaboration with Outcasts Incorporated; “Takes a Licking and Keeps on Ticking”
2002 Outcasts Incorporated: Paris, France; Ideal Office
1998 Hohenthal und Bergen: Statements; Basel Art 29; “From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler”, (catalog)
ANP: UL Project Room; Antwerp, Belgium
1997 Postmasters: New York City; “What's Love Got to Do with It”
Tricia Collins • Grand Salon: Project Room; New York City, “From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler”, 
1995 Postmasters: The Hole; New York City, Touch of Greatness: Joe Di Maggio
1994 Ice Box: Athens, Greece; Once Upon a Time
Leonora Vega: New York City, organized by Natalie Rivera; Norma Talmadge’s Chinese Theater
Hohenthal und Bergen: Köln, Germany; Norma Talmadge’s Chinese Theater
1993 Dooley Le Cappellaine: New York City; Library Persona Non Grata
1992 AMO, Amanda M Obering Contemporary Art: Los Angeles, California; Norma Talmadge’s Chinese Theater

2017 Denver Art Museum: DAM Key Award
2013 Artvetting: curated by Adrianne Rubenstein
Assistance League of Houston: 2nd Place; curated by Irene Hofmann
2012 Santo Foundation: Honorable Mention; Juried by Miki Garcia
2011 Assistance League of Houston: 2nd Place; curated by Heather Pesanti
2010 Civitella Ranieri: Nomination
2007 Museum of Contemporary Art: Denver, The Sue Cannon Award
2006 Reprint: A Selection from Leading Edge Artist Made Publications: curated by Simon Watson & Craig Hensela
Council of Literary Magazines and Small Presses: Fiction Award, zingmagazine 19, “Monsters”
2003 Roses Tatouée: Number Three; Displaced Denver
Open City: Number Ten; The Editor’s Issue; Marilyn Monroe Wanted To Be Buried in Pucci
1999 Search: Second Issue; Finalist for Mandarina Duck’s “Search for Art”; "From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs Basel E 
Frankweiler" (catalog)
1997 Victoria: curated by Pauline Daly and Sarah Staton; "Ground Round," "Hello Deli"
Very: Issue One, “Que Sera Sera . . . Whatever Will Be, Will Be”
1995 Time Capsule: A Concise Encyclopedia by Women Artists, Performers, and Writers: a Robin Kahn project
1993 Promotional Copy: A Robin Kahn project
1991 Open City: Number One
1986 Albin Polasak Award for Fine Arts: Brown University
1985 Brown Physics Purchase Prize: Finalist

2019 Galerie Barbara Weiss: Berlin, Germany, We shall survive in the memory of others
Fine Arts Center Gallery: University of Arkansas, Sit-In; curated by Kristen Dodge
Gallerie Mannerheim & Co: Paris, France, Net Plus Ultra; curated by Géraldine Postel and David Magnin
FoyerLA: Los Angeles, California, Group Exhibition curated by Connie Walsh
2018 September: Hudson, New York, Sit-In; curated by Kristen Dodge
2017 Galerie Iconoclastes: Paris, France, Formes Subtiles – (Modern Remix); curated by Géraldine Postel and David Magnin
Kunsthalle Wien: Vienna, Austria, Publishing as an Artistic Toolbox: 1989-2017; curated by Luca Lo Pinto
Montez at Mathew: New York City, The Only Thing That’s New Is Us
American Medium: New York City, The Mere Future; curated by Tim Gentles
The Schloss: New York City, Stop Work Order: Recent Trades Between Rainer Ganahl and His Artist/Friends; curated by 
Rainer Ganahl
James Fuentes LLC: New York City, Group Exhibition
2016 Kai Matsumiya: New York City, Foundation Barbin Presents Redeux (Sort of); curated by Lucky Debellevue
2015 Oracle: Berlin, Germany, Pink Panther
2014 Storefront Ten Eyck: New York City, Inhabiting Ten Eyck; curated by Karin Bravin
Outcasts Incorporated: Paris, France Always/Present; curated by Géraldine Postel
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art: Boulder, Colorado, Game Changer; curated by Cortney Stell and Ruth Bruno
Hyde Park Art Center: Chicago, Illinois, The Chicago Effect: Redefining the Middle; curated by Allison Peters Quinn, 
Megha Ralapti, and Christopher K. Ho
2013 New Museum of Contemporary Art: New York City, NYC 1993: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star; curated by 
Massimiliano Gioni, Gary Carrion-Murayari, Jenny Moore, and Margot Norton
Christopher Florian: A Showroom: Zurich, Switzerland, Oh Come All Ye Faithful; curated by Carson Chan
Biennial of the Americas: Denver, Colorado, First Draft; curated by Cortney Stell
Assistance League of Houston: Houston, Texas; curated by Irene Hofmann 
Gildar Gallery: Denver, Colorado, Real is a Feeling; guest curator by Adam Stamp
2012 Artpace: Hudson Showroom; San Antonio, Texas; Swap Meet: Artpace and the Dikeou Collection, curated by Mary 
Heathcott and Devon Dikeou 
Unit B: What is a Curator? San Antonio, Texas; curated by Chad Dawkins
Victoria H. Myhren Gallery: University of Denver; Denver, Colorado, 4 x 4 Collectors Series 
2011 Domy Books: Austin, Texas, Monster Show Six
Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center: San Antonio, Texas, By Permit Only; curated by Patty Ortiz
Worksound Gallery: Portland, Oregon, And Introducing; curated by Melanie Flood
Assistance League of Houston: Houston, Texas; curated by Heather Pesanti
2010 James Fuentes LLC: New York City, Obfuscation
2009 The Flag Art Foundation: New York City, Re-Accession: For Sale by Owner; curated by Philae Knight and Amanda 
Guild & Greyshkul: New York City, On from Here
Shanghai Theater Company: Shanghai, China, Broken Tails; curated by Rainer Ganahl
BiRDHOUSE: Austin, Texas, I Think I Look Like Me
2008 James Fuentes LLC: New York City, 8 1/2” x 11”/A4
Girls Club, Art and Culture Center of Hollywood: Hollywood & Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Under the Influence, organized 
by Jane Hart
2007 Rule Gallery: Red Dot Fair: The Niney Chronicles, New York City
The Library Show: Providence, Rhode Island: curated by Matthew Lawrence
Mod Living: Denver, Colorado, Best In Show
2006 Visionaire Gallery: New York City, Zines, curated by Kyra Griffin, Dominic Sidhu, and Scott Meriam
2005 Tampa Museum of Art: Tampa, Florida, The New York Yankees and the American Dream
2004 Bronx Museum of Art: Bronx, New York, Subway Series
2002 Culture Power Station: Kemi, Finland, Art Polaris, Art Polaris, curated by Lance Fung (with Brendan Klinger)
Kenny Schachter ConTEMPorary: New York City, Graham Cracker Suite
Cuchifritos: New York City, Social Space, curated by David Gibson
Wolverhampton Art Gallery: Wolverhampton, England, Strike, curated by Gavin Wade
Entropy: A Nobody Creative Production; Brooklyn, New York; Welcome to the Playground of the Fearless, curated by 
Alfredo Martinez, Nori Jung, James Fuentes
Gracie Mansion Gallery: New York City; Not A Lear, curated by Jimi Dams
Allston Skirt: Allston, Massachusetts; Not a Lear, curated by Jimi Dams
Diverse Works: Houston, Texas; To the Trade, curated by Bernard Brunon and Jade Dellinger
Lance Fung Gallery: New York City; Crossing Parallels: American/Korean Art Congress
Hopper House Art Center: Nyack, New York; Going Home, Curated by Lance Fung (catalog)
Ssamzie Space: Soeul, Korea; Crossing Parallels: Site Specific, Curated Lance Fung and Hong Hee (catalog)
Galerie S & H: Gent, Belgium; Not a Lear, curated by Jimi Dams
Kenny Schachter: Rove; New York City, Full Service
ArtProcess: Paris, France: Not a Lear, curated by Jimi Dams
Lance Fung Gallery: New York City; PIX, Erika Knerr picks Devon Dikeou
Apex: New York City; Double Space, curated by AS Bessa
Torch: Amsterdam, Netherlands; Not a Lear, curated by Jimi Dams
Tricia Collins Contemporary Art: New York City; The Way Things Work
1999 Jorgensen Gallery: New York City; 2nd Annual Portrait Show, curated by Brandon Ballangee and Tod Jorgesen
Kenny Schachter: Rove; New York City, Post Crap
Tricia Collins Contemporary Art: New York City; MOD!
1998 Tricia Collins Contemporary Art: New York City; Convivial
Art in General: New York City; Personal Touch, curated by Sabine Russ & Gregory Volk (catalog)
PS 122: New York City; Shake, curated by Jane Harris
1997 Diverse Works: Houston, Texas; Romper Room; curated by Danielle Chang (catalog)
Laurent Delaye Gallery: London, Great Britain; Victoria
UP & CO: New York City; Very
Tricia Collins • Grand Salon: New York City; Girls, Girls, Girls 
UP & CO: New York City; Supastore, a Sarah Staton Project 
Tricia Collins • Grand Salon: New York City; Conversion
Art Moving: Brooklyn, New York; Bedbugs at Snorewalls, organized by Aron Namenwirth
Art Moving: New York City; Clementine’s Fungus meets Team Gallery, organized by Aron Namenwirth
1996 Lombard-Freid: New York City; The Experimenters, curated by Kenny Schachter
UP & CO: New York City; Supastore Deluxe, a Sarah Staton Project
St Marks Position: New York City; The Innocence of Ornaments
Thread Waxing Space: New York City; Romper Room, curated by Danielle Chang (catalog)
Art Moving: New York City; Postmasters Virus, organized by Aron Namenwirth
St Marks Position: New York City; Polly Apfelbaum, Nicole Carstens, Devon Dikeou, Hai Knafo
Postmasters: New York City; Devon Dikeou, Robert Heckes, Christian Schumann
C/O: Oslo, Norway; “Between the Acts”; curated by Devon Dikeou (catalog)
London Art Forms: London, Great Britain; Sex & Drugs & Explosives, curated by Kenny Schachter
Ice Box: Athens, Greece; “Between the Acts”; curated by Devon Dikeou (catalog)
1995 Spot 71: New York City; Bulletin Board
Richard Heller: Los Angeles; December Twentieth; curated by Bill Radawec
McKinney Contemporary: Dallas, Texas; Gang Warfare; curated by Michael Corris (catalog)
The New Museum: New York City; Temporarily Posessed: The Semi-Permanent Collection; organized by Brian Goldfarb, 
John Hatfield, Laura Trippi, and Mimi Young (catalog)
IAS: London, Great Britain; Gang Warfare; curated by Michael Corris (catalog)
Oy!: New York City; curated by Kenny Schachter
Rio Hondo College: Whittier, California; August 28; organized by Bill Radawec 
Either/Or: New York City; curated by Kenny Schachter
Art Moving: Brooklyn, New York; What Now; organized by Aron Namenwirth 
Hohenthal und Bergen: Köln, Germany; Papier
Art + Carry: Germany; curated by Peter Gersina
High Anxiety: New York City; curated by Kenny Schachter
Middlesbrough Art Gallery: Middlesbrough, Great Britain; Supastore Middlesbrough; a Sarah Staton Project
The Sculpture Center: New York City; Looky Loo, curated by Kenny Schachter (catalog)
1994 College of New Rochelle: New Rochelle, New York; Toys Art Us, curated by Lori Friedman
Rushmore Festival: Woodbury, New York; Across The River, And Into The Trees; curated by Collins and Milazzo 
IAS: London, Great Britain; Rock My World; curated by Pauline Daly and Brendan Quick
I Could Do That: New York City; curated by Kenny Schachter
Artychoky: New York City; curated by Kenny Schachter
Mánes: Prague, Czech Republic; curated by Zdenka Gabalová
Philomene Magers: Köln, Germany; Art After Collecting, curated by Ranier Ganahl
1993 Hohenthal und Bergen: Köln, Germany; Bodyguard (pamphlet)
Tomoko Liguori: New York City; From Things You Can't Remember To Things You Can’t Forget
Natalie Rivera: New York City; Back Room
For Sale: New York City; curated by Kenny Schachter
AMO, Amanda M Obering Contemporary Art: Los Angeles, California; Trancesex; curated by Amanda Obering, Les
Ayre, & Erika Knerr
High: New York City; curated by Kenny Schachter 
Hohenthal und Bergen: München, Germany; Bodyguard (pamphlet)
Roger Smith Hotel & Horodner Romley Gallery: New York City; Transient Decor; in collaboration with Saul Ostrow
Postmasters: New York City; Needlepoint, Embroidery, Macramé, Crochet; curated by Collins and Milazzo (catalog)
1992 PS1: Long Island City, New York; Exposure, curated by Lois Nesbitt 
New Museum of Contemporary Art: New York City; The Art Mall 
Postmasters: New York City; Morality Cafe, curated by Kenny Schachter
Sally Hawkins Gallery: New York City; Ballots or Bullets, You Choose, curated by G Roger Denson
AMO, Amanda M Obering Contemporary Art: Les Ayre, Devon Dikeou, Seth Kaufman, Eva Mantel; Los Angeles,
Dooley Le Cappellaine: Gal lery; New York City
Kitschen: New York City; curated by Kenny Schachter
Stux: New York City; Invitational
New Museum of Contemporary Art: New York City; The Big Nothing; curated by Kerri Scharlin (catalog)
The Real Thing: New York City; curated by Erik Oppenheim
1991 John Post Lee Gallery: New York City; Ho Hum All You Faithful; organized by Karin Bravin
Unlearning: New York City; curated by Kenny Schachter
The Deutsche Bank: New York City; Certain Uncertainty; curated by Sandra Gering and Kenny Schachter
Home for June: New York City; curated by Erik Oppenheim 
Natalie Rivera: New York City; Decorous Beliefs; curated by Kenny Schachter 
John Post Lee Gallery: New York City: The Third Rail, curated by Karin Bravin 
Offerman Gallery: Köln, Germany; Surface Resurface (with Janine Antoni) 
Closing Open Bar: New York City; curated by Kenny Schachter
Open Bar: New York City; curated by Kenny Schachter
BACA Downtown: Brooklyn, New York; From Sculpture; curated by Kenny Schachter
1990 New Museum of Contemporary Art at the Marine Midland Bank: New York City; Spent: Security on Depsoit; 
organized by Luis De Jesus
Paula Allen Gallery: New York City; Devon Dikeou, Graham Durward, Craig Kalpakjian
Ihara Ludens Gallery: New York City
Paula Allen Gallery: New York City
Denver Art Museum: Denver, Colorado: curated by Deborah Butterfield, Peter Plagens, and Marcia Tucker (catalog)
2020 ARTMIX 2020: Mixing it Up: Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, Colorado
2013 Diverse Works Benefit Auction: Luck of the Draw, Houston, Texas
Momenta Benefit Auction: Brooklyn, New York
Flint Benefit Auction: Flint, Michigan
2012 Diverse Works Benefit Auction: Luck of the Draw, Houston, Texas
2011 Issue Project Room Benefit Auction: Brooklyn, New York
2009 Bollywood: Denver Art Museum, Denver, Colorado
Secret Sale: Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, New York City
2008 Gallery 1261: Salon du Musee, Denver, Colorado, guest curators: Ann Daley, Christoph Heinrich, Natalie Rekstad-Lynn
Phillips du Pury: Issue Project Room Benefit Auction, New York City
2006 Periodically Speaking: Speaking on Tasting; Presented by Council of Literary Magazines and Presses, Finalist, Public
Library, New York City
2000 Silent Auction to Benefit New York City, organized by James Fuentes
Immaterial Bingo: Cabinet Magazine: New York City, organized by Lisa Gold, Vincent Mazeau, Sina Najafi, and Jay 
1999 New York City
1998 Printed Matter: New York City; Giftland VII, organized by Max Schumann
1997 Taking Stock: Benefitting City Harvest, curated by Kenny Schachter
The Institute for Contemporary Arts Clocktower Gallery: New York City; The Sit In
1995 Sculpture Center Spring Benefit: New York City
Snug Harbor Cultural Center: Staten Island, New York; In Three Dimensions: Women Sculptors in the 90's: 
performances curated by Alyson Pou
1994 Four Walls Benefit Auction: David Zwirner: New York City
1993 New Museum Benefit Auction: New York City

2018 zingmagazine 25: Sarah Staton, Amy Gatrell, Rachel Cole Dalamangas, Allan McCollum, Shamus Clisset, Robert 
Smithson, Kerri Scharlin, Gaston Karquel/Géraldine Postel & David Magnin, Polly Apfelbaum, Craig Dykers/Snøhetta, 
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Benjamin Donaldson, Deborah Kass, Natalie Rivera, Brandon Johnson, Walter Robinson
2015 zingmagazine 24: Alexis Rockman, Géraldine Postel, David Altmejd, Francis Cape, Lisa Kereszi, Damien Hirst/Mary 
Barone, Joshua Abelow, Simon Bill, Harry Smith/Hayley Richardson, Olav Westphalen, Dike Blair, Brian Belott, Connie 
Walsh, Michelle Andrade, Lucie Fontaine, Lizzi Bougatsos, Jeff Rian/Giasco Bertoli, Billy Jacobs/Alex Wolf, Rainer 
Ganahl, Alix Lambert, Brandon Johnson, Kenny Schachter
2012/13 Artpace: Hudson Showroom, San Antonio Texas, Dikeou Collection, Denver, Colorado: “Swap Meet: The Dikeou 
Collection and Artpace”: curated by Devon Dikeou and Mary Heathcott; Hudson Showroom: Margaret Lee, Jonathan 
Horowitz, Anya Keilar, Lucky De Bellevue, Lizzi Bougatsos, Wade Guyton, The Royal Art Lodge, Lee Stoetzel, Serge 
Onnen, Chris Johanson, Momoyo Torimitsu, Nils Folke Anderson, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Justin Goldwater, Devon Dikeou. 
Dikeou Collection: Alex de Leon, Katrina Moorhead, Katie Pell, Juan Miguel Ramos, Lordy Rodriguez, EV Day, Nathan 
Carter, Isaac Julien
zingmagazine 23: Agathe Snow, Willard Boepple, Elisabeth Kley, Marcel Dzama, Okay Mountain, Walter Robinson, Kelly 
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Brandon Johnson, Thomas Ovlison, Nils Folke Anderson, Mike Ballou, Patricia Cronin (Book 10), Kenny Scharf (Poster 8)
2011 No Title: Jazz & Poetry on the Occasion of the Clifford Still Museum: Sonny Simmons and 25th Century Orchestra; 
Maureen Owen/Bin Ramke/Eleni Sikelianos (CD 9)
2010/11 zingmagazine 22: (iPad ‘10/Print ‘11) Adam Mendelsohn, Amanda Ross-Ho/Kirsten Stoltman, Anna Knoebel, Branch 
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Haden Guest
2007 zingmagazine 21: Jonas Mekas/James Fuentes (Cassette Tape), Aron Namenwirth, Joe Lovett/Mary Barone/Tom 
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Museo de las Americas, Denver, Colorado: Vik Muniz: Re-Mastered: Photographs from the West Collection; organized 
with West Collection curator, Lee Stoetzel
2006 Curator in Residence, The Invisible Museum, Denver, Colorado: Maria Antelman, Sebastiaan Bremer, Lucky de 
Bellevue, Mary Ehrin, Rainer Ganahl, Janine Gordon, Misaki Kawai, Andrew Kuo, Tracy Nakayama, Serge Onnen, 
Lawrence Seward, Lee Stoetzel, Jay Stuckey
RXArt Ball: New York City; guest curator: Marcel Dzama, Sebastiaan Bremer, Momoyo Torimitsu, Tracy Nakayama, 
Serge Onnen, Olav Westphalen
2005 zingmagazine 20: Luis Miguel Suro/Rodolfo Rivera, Dennis & Debra Scholl, James Hyde, Lawrence Seward/John T 
Koga and the DorisDuke Foundation for Islamic Art, Jenny Holzer/Melanie Flood, Benjamin Donaldson/Lisa Kereszi, Matt 
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Y Kim/Mark Bradford, Eric Laignel/Romain Columbe/Let Me Drive by Jessica Boukris (CD 5), Ukawa Naohiro, Faile 
(Poster 5)
2004 zingmagazine 19: George Philip/Oneil Edwards (CD 4), Max Ruback, Indigo People, Christian Schumann, Giasco 
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Kenny Schachter (book 7)
2003 zingmagazine 18: Ana Finel Honigman, Zach Posen/Mary Barone, Andrew Coulter Enright/Tynt Press, Valentin 
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Bosnjak (CD 3), Simon Watson/Scenic, Matt Murphy (Fashion Bag 1), Antelman/Drivas, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Oneil 
Edwards/Satori Eguchi, Jovi Schnell, Sebastiaan Bremer (Poster 4)
The Snow Show: Venice (book 6), United Bamboo: (book 5)
2002 zingmagazine 17: Dr Ben Satterfield, General Assembly (CD 2), Todd Hido/Melanie Flood, Serge Onnen, Sam 
Hecht/Mary Barone, Mike Lohr, Giasco Bertoli, Luis Macias, Lee Stoetzel, Brian Alfred, Angus Hood, Omar Lopez 
Chahoud, Ester Partegas (Poster 3), Steven Severence (book 4)
zingmagazine 16: Vito Acconci/Kenny Schachter, David Brody/Mark Sink, Yeondoo Jung, Vik Muniz, Sico Carlier/Ben 
Laloua, Lisa Kereszi, James Fuentes/Alleged Galleries, Patricia Cronin, Paul Ramirez Jonas, William Pope L, Aesthetics 
(CD 1), Volume (book 3)
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zingmagazine 14: Sweden, Paul Ramirez Jonas, Coda Group, Simon Henwood/Mary Barone, Lawrence Seward, 
Thomas Rayfiel, 
 Ester Partegas, Giasco Bertoli, Pauline Daly, Sari Carel/Dave Hickey, Olav Westphalen, As Four (Poster 1)
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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: MCA, Denver, Colorado, Giasco Betoli, Pauline Daly, Marcel Dzama, Spencer Finch, 
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zingmagazine 5: Chris Miles, Steven Severance, Liz Deschenes, Thomas Rayfiel, Paul Graham, Diane Ludin/Ricardo 
Dominguez, Tricia Collins, Jane Hart
1997 zingmagazine 4: Jenny Marketou, Rachel Harrison, Toby Webster, Terri Friedman/Jonathan Borofsky, Brian Antoni, 
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Sina Najafi
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Reid, Marilu Knode, Robert Antoni, Tamas Banovitch
1996 Icebox, Athens, Greece, C/O, Oslo, Norway, “Between the Acts”: Janine Antoni, Pauline Daly, Devon Dikeou, Spencer 
Finch, Terri Friedman, Rainer Ganahl, Beth Haggart, Paula Hayes, Lisa Hein, Brendan Quick, Matthew Ritchie, Paul 
Ramirez Jonas (catalog)
1995 zingmagazine 1: Kenny Schachter, Gordon Tapper, Ed Webb, Gregory Volk, Donald Ferguson, Michael Corris, Amy 
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Devon Dikeou

Photo credit portrait: Lisa Kereszi

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